Mauritius creates new programme on cleaner production

A new Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) programme is being established in Mauritius by UNIDO as part of its efforts in Africa and globally to promote and improve industrial resource efficiency and make production more environmentally-friendly.


The new RECP programme aims to help SMEs in Mauritius with improving their resource productivity and environmental performance. The food processing, textile, chemicals and light engineering sectors will be targeted by the programme – in part for their economic importance and large environmental footprints.

“Industries in developing countries and in countries with transition economies have significant potential to reduce the raw material, energy, and water consumption of their industries and SMEs, and in doing so contribute to the reduction of negative environmental impacts. The adoption of resource efficient practices will lead to a lessening of the overall ecological footprint (carbon, water, etc.) and at the same time improve productivity and competitiveness. The combined reduction of resource use and increase in competitiveness is essential for reaching the goal of decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation,” said LI Yong, Director General of UNIDO.

The programme will be funded by the Government of Mauritius through the Maurice Ile Durable Fund (MIDF) and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection.

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