Maskbook App create awareness of climate change through digital art

The newly released Maskbook App is an innovative digital art and awareness raising tool that aims to highlight the links between health, pollution and climate change. The Maskbook App is free to download and works by letting people use it to create their own personalised digital masks which can be worn with pride and circulated on social media.

Maskbook App climate action

UNEP Division of Communications and Public Information Director, Naysan Sahba & Head of the CCAC Secretariat Helena Molin Valdés. Photo: UNEP.

The Maskbook project also works in the physical world with exhibitions and workshops in communities and cities like Beijing and Nairobi to raise awareness.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) teamed up with Art of Change 21 to create the App. In partnership with CCAC, the project provides information on how to best protect communities from dangerous air pollutants by doing things like using improved cookstoves and discouraging the burning of domestic and agricultural waste.

“Using art to raise awareness is a unique and engaging way for us to reach communities to inform them of the solutions available to reduce air pollution and how these actions can also reduce global warming,” Helena Molin Valdes, Head of the UNEP hosted CCAC, said. “The masks created are wonderful works of art but we must remember that masks can’t protect people from air pollution, we can only protect people by getting rid of these dangerous air pollutants, and to do that we will need efforts at the local, national and global level.”

Please share with us your virtual masks on social media by tagging us @GreenAfricaDir and using the hashtag #Maskbook

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