Made in Uganda: Africa’s first solar bus

To meet growing energy and sustainable development needs, the future of transport in Africa has to go green. Leading the way is Uganda’s Kiira Motors Corporation which has developed the Kayoola Solar Bus: a 35-seater electric solar bus with zero tailpipe emissions. This innovative and future-oriented initiative is being led by the Government of the Republic of Uganda, and resulted from a project at Uganda’s Makerere University. Kiira Motors Corporation was recently awarded the prestigious 2016 Frost and Sullivan Visionary Innovation Leadership award in Sustainable Mobility for this innovation.

Africa's first solar bus

Copyright. Kiira Motors Corporation


The Kayoola Solar Bus is powered by a composite battery bank with a real time solar charging system for range extension. It has the potential to revolutionise public transport in Uganda, and could serve as a model for sustainable transport infrastructure development in other African countries.

Designed and built in Africa, this Ugandan solar bus (which is currently in prototype phase) promises to be an exciting flagship of the continent’s innovative technology development and local manufacturing capacity.  

African cities and their populations are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, which will also result in growing emissions (and resulting climate change and health impacts) from transport and road traffic. In addition, Uganda like many other countries around the world is committed to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda which will require considerable action on climate change, employment, poverty reduction and energy efficiency.

Sustainable urban mobility options that offer inclusive, affordable, low-carbon, resource-efficient and environmentally sensitive alternatives to single occupancy cars fueled by non-renewables should be encouraged. Powered by renewables, the Kayoola Solar Bus has big potential to provide a model for African cities – and being locally manufactured, it aims to contribute significantly to skills development and employment.

President of Uganda congratulates Kayoola Solar Bus

HE Y.K. Museveni Congratulates the Kiira Motors Corporation Team on the launch of the Kayoola Solar Bus. Copyright: Kiira Motors Corporation.


Kiira Motors’ CEO, Paul Isaac Musasizi, has big plans for the future of the Kayoola Solar Bus in Uganda. “Sustainable mass mobility technology for urban transport systems will be the most important last mile mobility solution of the 21st Century. Kiira Motors Corporation is driven to champion this indeed important technology for Africa by Africa”, says Musasizi.

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