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As the Three-Time “Best of Boston” Award Winner, VERDE LLC has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, building and installing Gas Generation Plants; especially Hydrogen Generation Plants from Electrolysis, NG Reforming, Methanol or Ammonia Decomposition, etc.

VERDE LLC corporate headquarters are located  in Massachusetts, USA. We have numerous partnerships, representatives, and Gas Plant Installations in countries around the world.

Since 2007, Verde has moved into Renewable Energy, and established strong relationships with US Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and a number of Renewable Energy institutions.

VERDE LLC is a subsidiary of parent company Angstrom Advanced Inc. For half a decade, Angstrom Advanced has pushed the boundaries of innovation in optical scientific instrumentation and high purity gas generation. Customers of top government, research, and private institutions stand by our products because of their reliability and low operating costs. Today, we have identified a unique opportunity to bring our detailed engineering knowledge to promote another blossoming industry: renewable energy. The VERDE LLC product line features top quality manufacturers of wind, solar, and hydrogen generators to provide the end consumer with the optimal sustainable energy infrastructure at minimal lifetime cost. VERDE LLC hydrogen generation is the product of many years of extensive research, resulting in the first truly high-efficiency ‘renewable hydrogen’ product in the marketplace.

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Hydrogen Generator by Water Electrolysis: Electrolysis is the passage of a direct electric current through an ionic substance that is either molten or dissolved in a suitable solvent, resulting in chemical reactions at the electrodes and separation of materials. It separates water into high purity Hydrogen and Oxygen gas.
Steam Methane (Natural Gas) Reformer for Hydrogen: The natural gas is passed through a special reformer to get a mixture of H2 CO2 and CO. Hydrogen will be obtained by converting the reforming effluent to reduce the amount of CO content and the shift gas is purified through PSA to get the pure H2.
PSA Nitrogen or Oxygen Generator: PSA Nitrogen generator gets N2 by pressure swing adsorption principle at normal temperature using clean compressed air as raw material and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent. 
Cryogenic Nitrogen or Oxygen plant: Angstrom-Advanced Liquid Nitrogen Generators are top of the line systems. Using Deep-freezing process, our Generator applications range from 5- 20,000 liters of LN2 or LO2 per hour.
Membrane Nitrogen or Oxygen Generator: The compressed air filters through the polymer membrane filters, which separate the gases due to differences in solubility and proliferation rate. After being purified (to remove oil, water and dust) the air will enter the membrane separation to separate.
Ammonia Cracking for Hydrogen plant: Hydrogen Generator by Ammonia Decomposition with Purifying System is very low cost; it has long service life, simple operation, compact structure, small coverage, and is very simple to install. Liquid ammonia is used as source for hydrogen generator.
Methanol Reformer for Hydrogen plant: Methanol is converted to CO and H2 with the action of the catalyst. CO and H2O are converted to CO2 and H2 with the action of the catalyst. CO2 and trace CO are separated from the decomposed gases by PSA technology, and high purity of H2 is generated.
Gas Purification Plant: Use membrane, or molecular sieve to adsorb impurity, in order to get extraordinarily high purity for different gas.

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