Tumani Tenda


Tumani Tenda is a Jolla Village with approximately 300 inhabitants living in seven extended families. It is situated 25 km East of Brikama and 3 km from Kafatu, an tributary/Bolong of the Gambia River. The founder of the village, the late Alhaji Osman, a Koran scholar, established the community 30 years ago after immigrating from Casamance. A community evolved which is described as a religious community embracing certain values, notably a sustainable attitude to the natural environment, a socially responsible style of living, respect for the elderly, independence, self-sustainability and a sense of community. Tumani Tenda owns 140 hectares of land, of which 89 are sustainably cultivated, with a species rich forest that is continually upgraded with seedlings and serves as a pharmacy and natural water reservoir.

Brikama, The Gambia

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Website: www.tumanitenda.co.uk

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