Tikki Hywood Trust


The Tikki Hywood Trust fills a niche that is often overlooked in wildlife conservation, and that is the preservation of species that lack the charisma and appeal of the larger, more publicised rare animals. Through the formation of the Trust, the smaller, lesser known and often more endangered, wild species of animals are given a voice. Little is known about the life patterns of these smaller animals, as there have been few or no studies on these species, leaving us in a very fragile position to ensure their future survival. Our key species are African wild cat, Bat-eared fox, Cape Pangolin, Cheetah, Lichtenstein hartebeest, serval, Southern African hedgehog. The Tikki Hywood Trust has an expansive view of conservation and preservation of all species and therefore also ardently campaigns the cause of animal welfare and conservation worldwide.

Harare, Zimbabwe

Website: www.tikkihywoodtrust.org
Email: tikkihywoodtrust@bsatt.com

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