Tembeka Social Investment Company


Tembeka Social Investment Co. Ltd. is a South African social investment company that seeks to promote sustainable development in poor communities by initiating and acting in a chain of Financial Solidarity. Tembeka’s role in this chain of solidarity is to mobilise investors to become involved in sustainable development through soft loans, institutional building grants and the purchase of Tembeka shares. This investment is then used to make relevant and affordable finance accessible to service providers such as NGO’s, Trusts, CBO’s Credit Unions and Development companies and, by extension their clients from disadvantaged communities.In this way Tembeka is able to effectively link investors and service providers to reach a large number of persons, as well as, a broad range of people engaged in their own economic and social upliftment in both urban and rural South Africa and eventually Southern Africa.

Observatory, Western Cape, South Africa (head office)

Email: michael@tembeka.co.za
Website: www.tembeka.co.za

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