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Sustain Our Africa brings more than 100 influential thought leaders from across the globe to tackle, debate and unearth solutions to the biggest question of all: Can Africa deliver enough for all, forever? Sustain Our Africa connects economists, environmentalists, scientists, maverick entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and social champions to share their wealth of knowledge and experience.

The communications platform provided by the locally-owned Sustain our Africa will unify powerful voices by a shared vision to affect positive environmental, social and financial change in Africa. The Cape Town based organisation is headed-up by Deon Robbertze and Brendon Bell-Roberts who joined forces to create the company in 2011. At its core, Sustain our Africa is a collaborative communications platform that addresses the pivotal role that Africa will play in global sustainability. It serves to catalyse change by cultivating awareness, showcasing inspirational stories and hosting practical tools to build an abundant, resilient Africa.

The organisation drives this change through numerous initiatives that are guided by the Sustain our Africa Summit. The week-long summit is a platform for lively debate and problem-solving with highly specialised professionals from all fields of the sustainability landscape globally. This annual event ultimately aims to make sustainable development a reality throughout Africa. 

Other elements include the SOA Expo at which exhibitors can showcase related initiatives; the SoA Festival for Change that increases awareness and accessibility through the mediums of art, performance, music, fashion, film, design and food; the SoA Change Agent Awards designed to shine the spotlight on brave leadership and noteworthy innovation; and the Change Agent magazine – Africa’s first dedicated sustainability magazine which will drive the Sustain Our Africa initiative’s key messages home on a regular basis.

The Sustain Our Africa Summit, Festival and Expo will open your mind and heart in a remarkable week of events that will create an inspirational and extraordinary platform for thought leaders and critical realists – whether your interest stems from a business, political or personal perspective, you can join us and become an agent of change.

Who will be there? Thought leaders from across the spectrum of business, government and civil society who can collectively drive and inspire inspiration and offer solutions for sustainable growth, resilience and adaptability. From academics, students, sustainability strategists, business leaders, biodiversity, biomimicry and water experts, eco-entrepreneurs, food security activists, to government and civil society groups, social investment pioneers and more. 

Everyone who attends will be empowered with new ideas, innovative solutions and practical tools to address the interconnected threats of climate change, resource depletion, food shortages and economic inequality.


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Sustain our Africa SummitThe most inspirational African sustainability stories, challenges and successes will be presented to the world at the Sustain our Africa Summit. The lineup includes a formidable array of thinkers, doers and innovators in the global sustainability space that will specifically address awareness, inspiration and tools for change.
Sustain our Africa ExpoThe Sustain our Africa Expo will run alongside the Summit and is open to the public. It will showcase a wide range of exhibitors with sustainability-focused products, services, and technologies as well as a food market and off-grid media centre.
Sustain our Africa FestivalThe Sustain our Africa Festival is a collaborative creative platform for events cross Cape Town, acting as a catalyst for change. Through art, performance, music, fashion, film, design and food, it aims to increase awareness of our natural and social environment, and inspire change and meaningful action in all of us.
Change Agent Magazine: To drive the Sustain Our Africa initiative’s key messages home on a regular basis, Africa’s first dedicated sustainability magazine, The Change Agent will be launched at the Summit.

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