Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement (ROAM)


Rwanda-Orgnic-Agriculture-MovementThe Rwanda Organic Agricultural Movement (ROAM), a National Umbrella Organization which unites producers, farmers’ organizations, processors, exporters companies, importers companies, institutions and organizations which are greatly involved in or support organic production, processing, marketing and export in Organic sector in Rwanda. ROAM’s vision is “Increased incomes and improved livelihoods in RWANDA through adoption of Organic Agriculture”.

ROAM was established in 2007 and obtained its regal recognition in 2014 as a National non-governmental organization of public interest. ROAM has almost up to 30,000 members who work in organic production, processing and marketing of organic coffee, tea, fruit and vegetables, potatoes, beans, cassava, the essential oil, etc. Our main activities are to represent and promote the organic sector in Rwanda, to facilitate the establishment of laws and regulations as well as technical advice in the field of production, training, certification and marketing of organic products, to coordinate all activities related to certification services and organic inspection acceptable both at the national, regional and international levels, attract Donors and investors to invest in the field of organic agriculture, lobby and advocacy for organic farming and to participate in the formulation and the implementation of organic agriculture policies in Rwanda. 

Tel.: +250 788558027
Website: under construction
Skype: sylver.mudendeli (Mudendeli Sylver, CEO)
Postal address: P. O. Box 6886 , Kigali, Rwanda

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