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Prosonergy solar lighting

Prosonergy sells and distributes solar powered lighting and energy products for off-grid regions. These products range from solar portable lights to small- and large-sized solar home systems. Solar home systems include a solar panel, a strong battery and several interfaces to charge and run electrical appliances, e.g. mobile phones, a refrigerator, 12 Volt TV, multiple LED lamps and many other USB devices. Prosonergy is a one-stop solution provider: through our online shop ( we offer solar powered products from premium suppliers and coordinate the logistics to customers worldwide – even for small order quantities. Our mission is to replace kerosene lanterns and small diesel generators with clean solar energy. The impact is a substantial improvement for the 1.4 billion people living without electricity and the 1.0 billion people living with unstable electrical grid worldwide. We offer our distributors and partners access to especially designed and engineered products for the African demand. We have low prices and are interested in long-term cooperations. We have exclusive products and services and are looking forward to setting up new partnerships.

Physical address: Sankt-Martin-Str.53-55, 81669 Munich, Germany
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