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Pemba Lodge is a secluded and peaceful haven for nature lovers, located on Shamiani Island, South East of Zanzibar’s sister island Pemba. As Pemba’s first eco lodge, it is designed and operated following a low- impact, sustainable tourism philosophy.

It consists of just five spacious, rustic bungalows, all built with indigenous, locally sourced materials. They are designed to make the best use of natural resources without exploiting them: Each bungalow features a rain water shower, state-of-the-art compost toilet and solar powered lights. The layout allows for the sea breeze to act as natural air conditioning, and the furniture are crafted locally from reclaimed dhow and ngalawa (outrigger canoe) wood.

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Eco Lodge: Accommodation in an eco-friendly lodge.
Excursions and activities that allow guests to experience the natural environment without disturbing it (kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, hiking, bird watching etc.)
Community & Environmental ProjectsPemba Lodge is involved in turtle conservation and community capacity building projects. Most of the staff and service providers are villagers from Shamiani Island. By offering them training, employment and business opportunities, Pemba Lodge helps to create prosperity and a brighter future for the local community. 
Local craft shop & eco-furniture: Pemba Lodge supports a local craft shop that specializes in building furniture from reclaimed dhows, the traditional Swahili sailing vessels. These highly original pieces of furniture are being showcased in Pemba Lodge and its sister hotel Mnarani Beach Cottages, thus promoting a sustainable and ingenious small scale local business. In the same way, most soft furnishings in both places are being purchased from local manufacturers, which ties us in to the community and serves to support the local economy. 

Green certifications & eco labels
We are proud members of: and Sustainable Travel International.

Low Impact Operation
Pemba Lodge strives to minimize the environmental impact of running the operation in every possible way. Natural resources are being used responsibly and conscientiously.

Its Swahili fusion cuisine is based on freshly caught seafood, bought from the fishermen on the beach and organically grown fruit and vegetables. 

Pemba Lodge offers a range of activities for its guests. They all are designed to provide maximum pleasure and enjoyment with minimum impact on the ecosystem. Snorkeling, kayaking, reef walks, bird watching or hiking bring visitors in close contact with nature without disturbing it.

Supporting the Local Economy
For all that is needed in Pemba Lodge, every effort is made to source it locally. That includes the building of the lodge, the crafting of furniture, trim and upholstery, and of course the operation.

Turtle Project
Every year, both the endangered green sea turtle and the hawksbill turtle come to the shores of Shamiani Island to lay their eggs. The villagers used to hunt them, because the meat is very tasty and nutritious, and the shell (tortoise shell) can be used commercially. Pemba Lodge is cooperating with local fishermen to bring them to the lodge instead so that they can be set free again. If a villager reports a nest with eggs, Pemba Lodge pays him a salary to look after the nest until the baby turtles hatch. This way, the people from Shamiani learn to value a live turtle more than one which they kill for their meat. Since Pemba Lodge started its operation in late 2010, more than 20 turtles have been saved through the project. 

Pemba Lodge works closely with a marine conservationist in order to constantly improve the project for the protection of those rare animals. 


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Tel: +255 24 2240494 / +255 777 415551
Fax: +255 24 2240496

Physical Address: Mnarani Beach Cottages, Nungwi, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Address of Pemba Lodge: Shamiani Island, Pemba, Zanzibar,
Postal Address: P.O.Box 3361, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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