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ORIBAGS INNOVATIONS LTD is a social and environmental business enterprise dealing in the design and manufacture of hand-made environmentally-friendly bags “Oribags” out of agricultural wastes such as banana fibre and cotton waste. The Company ecologically recovers agricultural waste, waste paper and natural fibres to transform them into products useful for the market. These colourful bags are handmade, one at a time, through a low tech – zero carbon production process that emphasizes cleaner production and natural beauty. Oribags provide a better and eco-friendly alternative to the environmentally hazardous and non biodegradable plastic bags. Oribags are diverse and can be used for a variety of uses as packaging bags, shopping bags, corporate marketing bags, workshop bags, giftbags and souvenirs. Oribags can also be custom branded for clients in need of bags customised to their needs.

While utilizing locally available materials, Oribags aims to keep promoting environmental sustainability through value addition focusing on client needs satisfaction and creating livelihoods.

Website: www.oribags-innovations.com
Email: info@oribags-innovations.com
Tel.: +256 200905618
Physical address: Plot 6, 2nd Street Industrial Area, Kampala, Uganda
Postal ddress: P.OBOX 26187 Kampala, Uganda
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