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Mother Nature ProductsMother Nature Products are proud manufacturers of great green baby products in Cape Town, South Africa. Our user-friendly Nature Nappy System spares the planet, saves money and is chemical free.

Our mission is to produce natural products which are chemical/synthetic free and prevent waste from entering landfills. Our products are primarily produced locally to create jobs & reduce our carbon footprint.

We strive to make our green products durable, repairable, energy efficient and made with recyclable materials to minimize the environmental impact through manufacture, packaging, distribution, use and disposal.

Mother Nature Products are available from a wide selection of stockists including shops and online stores.

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Bamboo One-Size Cloth NappyAdjustable nappy insert plus cover all in one and adjusts to fit from birth to potty training in the leg and waist – our best seller! Save money and the planet. Easy to use. Colors: white, beige, green, blue, pink, yellow, pumpkin, purple, duck-egg blue, peach, lavender, red-brick, plum.
Booster PadsBio-Liners (100 pack)Washable Bamboo Wipes Booster pads: Booster pads give both our nappies extra absorbency when required: e.g. overnight or when baby is older; for extra strength protection against leaking nappies. Color: white or beige.  Bio-liners: Biodegradable and Flushable Nappy Liners: Flush poo away in the loo for down-stream sewerage treatment. The washable liners give a great stay-dry barrier between the nappy and baby’s bottom.  Washable Bamboo Wipes: our reusable/ washable wipes can be used in placed of disposable wet wipes (make your own natural wipes solution) or as dribble wipes. They are made from our exquisite bamboo. 
Rainbow Nappy Covers & Night Fleece Covers: Rainbow nappy covers: 3 adjustable sizes made using a breathable waterproofing laminated onto a poly-cotton fabric. Sizes: S 0-7kg, M 7-11kg, L 11kg plus. Colours: white, beige, green, blue, pink. Night Fleece Covers: the highly breathable Night Fleece cover is used in place of the Rainbow Nappy Cover at night. The cover is not waterproof but moisture is released by a slow process of evaporation. Sizes: S 5-10kg, M 10kg plus. Colors: beige, white. 
Bambo Nature Eco Disposable Nappies: The manufacturers of Bambo Nature are the ONLY nappy company in to receive the prestigious Nordic Swan award for environmentally sound manufacturing behaviour. Ideal for babies who develop nappy rash allergies from regular disposables as they do not contain any dyes, latex, and moisturising lotion or perfume that could irritate baby’s delicate skin. 80% bio- degradable.
Swim Cozzie Nappy: With hidden breathable waterproof inner lining, endorsed by SA’s Leading Swim Schools. Opens out like a nappy making changes easier. Light flannel inner for light absorbency but without weighing your toddler down in the water. Sizes: M 5-10kg, L 11-14kg. Colours: Red-Stripe, Navy-Stripe, Pink, Blue, Other.
Natural Barrier Balm: 100% Natural Mother & Baby Barrier Balm: A very effective natural all- purpose balm which heals protects and soothes skin. Low dose of essential oils used to ensure it does not cause skin reactions. The bees wax is naturally processed and has natural antibiotic properties.
Cloth Sanitary Pads (2-pack): Lady’s Own Washable & Reusable Menstrual Pads: A light-weight and discreet design. Highly absorbent natural fabric which is soft and comfortable against skin. The pads last for numerous years with correct care. Great for women who are sensitive to chemicals used in conventional sanitary products. 
Cloth Nursing/Breast Pads: Mom’s Washable & Reusable Nursing pads: soft and natural fibres against sensitive nipples.

Why eco nappies are important
Waste, and the disposal there-of, is problem word-wide. In South Africa our landfill sites have reached crisis point and a drastic re-think on how waste is managed is urgently required. As consumers we need to make ourselves aware of these issues because we cannot continue to extract more than the natural world can give back.  Have a look at the web site:

Disposable nappies and the baby industry is a good place to begin the journey of informed consumer. With the birth of your baby comes the birth of a greater sense awareness of their future world.

Each baby goes through an average 5000 - 6000 changes – that amounts to a mountain of waste if you are using disposables.

Why throw away a nappy every time your baby toilets?
With eco manufacturing and eco laundering, cloth nappies can be 7 – 11 times better for the environment. We have based our research on 3 independent studies (2008 Environment Agency report, Women’s Environmental Network, UK, Milieu Centraal April 2008 report, – we have a copy in English).

Healthy, natural materials used in manufacturing the Mother Nature range
The types of chemicals found in baby products and disposable nappies are easily absorbed by a baby’s delicate skin. This is a concern for some parents. Some babies are particularly sensitive and develop allergic reactions in the form of rashes. Babies can also react to their own bacteria with the use of cloth nappies but the occurrence of this can be reduced with a sensible washing and changing routine. A study at the University of Bristol concluded that the type of nappy used had no bearing on the occurrence of nappy rash. In other words, factors such as length of exposure to a dirty nappy or chemical reactions are to blame. By using natural fabrics and ingredients the Mother Nature baby range reduces the amount of chemicals your baby is exposed to.

Mother Nature nappies are a trendy design, easy to use and save families thousands of rands
The Mother Nature range has become the tried and tested brand that our stockists and customers depend on for high quality, honest and thoroughly researched green mother and baby products.

Our Nappies are effective because we use 100% Natural Bamboo-Cotton towelling, which is silky soft, durable and highly absorbent with a natural anti-bacterial quality. They are also cleverly designed to be one size that adjusts to fit from birth to potty training, which makes it an uncomplicated nappy system that saves money on purchasing different sizes.

The Covers are great because they are made from a blend of natural soft cotton flannel on the outside with a polyester base; which has been laminated with breathable waterproof polyurethane.

Bambo Nature – the eco-friendly disposable nappy
We understand that cloth nappies are not everyone’s choice and some parents may choose to only use cloth nappies part time. We have therefore introduced the awarding winning eco-friendly Bambo disposable nappies to our range.


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