Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust



Masaai Wilderness Conservation Trust

The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust is a non-profit that operates on Kuku Group Ranch in the Chyulu Hills of southern Kenya. MWCT works to protect the astounding biodiversity of the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem through conservation projects that directly benefit local Maasai communities. It also provides education and health services by supporting schools and health clinics. MWCT is committed to preserving Kenya’s wilderness, wildlife, and cultural heritage for future generations.

The world increasingly relies on traditional communities like the Maasai to protect the ecological treasures that exist within their land. However, the African grasslands and the famous culture of the Maasai people both face daunting threats to their long-term survival. The fate of both rests with the Maasai themselves as they work to benefit from their natural resources while also preserving them.

MWCT is a pioneering partnership between professional conservationists and dynamic Maasai leaders. It employs nearly 250 Kenyans, most of whom are Maasai from the local community. The Trust’s success demonstrates that the Maasai can thrive, not just survive, by managing their ecosystem wisely.

Physical address: Chyulu Conservation and Research Center, Kuku Group Ranch, Kajiado County, Kenya
Postal address: P.O. Box 1413, Santa Barbara, California 93102, USA
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