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LightSeed Energy is a provider of affordable micro-solar systems to families without access to electricity in Zambia.The intent is to use solar home lighting systems to displace traditional lighting fuels such as kerosene and charcoal. Our mission is to provide affordable solar lighting to African families, to help communities lift themselves out of poverty, and to improve the health of their people and the environment. This leads into our vision – to place solar lighting in the hands of very African by 2030, eradicating energy poverty on that continent.

LightSeed Energy works with communities to provide pay-as-you-go home solar systems, which allow Zambian families to pay for electricity as they use it, and to keep their systems once they are fully paid off. This makes solar lighting affordable to families who otherwise would be unable to make the large up-front investment. Having affordable solar lighting enables students to study at night, businesses to stay open longer, increasing earning power. It also reduces indoor air pollution associated with traditional fuels. 125 years after the invention of the light bulb, 85% of Africans still do not have access to electricity and have no safe way to light their homes at night. That is not fair. Our goal is to fix that problem, by providing solar solutions.

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Tel.: +1 416 806 1127

Physical address: 398 Dupont St. Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1V9, Canada

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