Liberian Energy Network


Liberian Energy NetworkSince 2011 LEN has been continuously operating in Liberia as the leading provider to rural Liberians of high quality, sustainable and affordable solar electrical energy that improves their lives and is the only prospect for rural access to basic electricity. As a social enterprise, LEN operates as a business, to allow it to scale and be sustainable, providing solar lights at cost to its customers.

LEN is staffed entirely by Liberians. LEN continued to operate during the Ebola crisis, when most other social enterprises and NGOs ceased operations, providing 300 PV lights to rural health workers allowing them to care for their patients through the night. Working in partnership with other civil society organizations, private Liberian entrepreneurs and the Liberian government, LEN has delivered over 5,000 solar lights to Liberians living at the base of the economic pyramid, providing light to over 25,000 rural Liberians. 

Tel.: +231 641 2792
Skype: richard.p.fahey
Physical address: Mechlin Street near Waterside, 1000, Monrovia, Liberia
Postal address: 58 Camino Nevoso, Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA

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