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JVE InternationalJVE International is a youth led, non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in the year 2001 and registered under the laws of Togo. Our mission is to develop leadership and eco-citizenship of young people for their involvement in the promotion of sustainable community development. We envision a world of flourishing communities where young people are at the forefront of sustainable development.

We value, volunteerism, responsibility, ecological integrity, diversity, gender balance, solidarity, justice and equity. As an NGO working for the protection of the environment and sustainable development, we focus on the following key thematic areas:
i) Energy-Climate-Development – focuses on the alleviation of climate change through training, projects and sensitization activities. This also promotes eco entrepreneurship among the youth and in equipping the communities with climate change adaptation methods;
ii) Sustainable management of natural resources – promote conservation of natural resources and biodiversity including water, forest ecosystem, and wetlands among others;
iii) Eco citizen engagement – Training and awareness programmes are undertaken through various platforms and media to raise awareness and the consciousness of the people towards environmental issues that affect them daily and promote social justice and equity for all. This encourages volunteerism and action at the local level.

We are currently represented in Togo with over 36 local branches coordinated by three regional offices in Vogan, Kara and Tsiko regions. These offices report to the head office in Lome, Togo. Aside from this, JVE is also represented in 25 countries in Africa also focused on environmental issues and working towards sustainable development.

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Website: www.jve-international.org
Email: yvetogo@hotmail.com
Tel.: +228-2200112
Fax.: +228- 2220648
Physical address: 131 Rue Ofe, Tokoin Casablanca, Togo
Postal address: BP 8823, Lome, Togo
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