International Centre For Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV)


ICENECDEVThe International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV) was established in 2005, with registration number:43/G.37/D.14/1/VOL.9/BAPP/ in accordance of law Number.90/53 of December 1990 under article 7 relating to the formation, governing and functioning of associations in Cameroon.

ICENECDEV is building a global grassroots organisation to raise environmental awareness, promote education and support community development programs by sharing practical ways in which people are addressing environmental conservation issues.

ICENECDEV is independent of government and intergovernmental agencies, although it works closely with them. ICENECDEV is located in an outstanding academic and professional environment. The Centre is based along the University Street of Buea. ICENECDEV has entered into academic and professional partnerships with organizations, companies, universities, prisons, schools and local communities in Cameroon and with diaspora.

ICENECDEV seeks to promote and raise awareness around the key environmental issues facing our planet today. Together with the ICENECDEV Network, it looks for solutions to these issues, engaging governments, businesses and communities both in the Cameroon and around the world. ICENECDEV supports schools and promotes environmental education and conservation of wild populations and their habitats.

Vision: Building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Mission: Empowering people to protect the environment.

Tel.: +237674033583
Physical address: University of Buea Street, Molyko, South West Region, Cameroon
Postal address: P.O Box 641, Buea, South West Region, Cameroon
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