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IMBEWU is a Johannesburg (South Africa) based legal specialist consultancy providing services to the South African and international markets. IMBEWU specialises in all aspects of environmental, mining, energy and health and safety law, particularly from a compliance perspective. IMBEWU collaborates with the law firm Warburton Attorneys in order to provide specialist environmental litigation and other legal services, including commercial services and providing attorney client privilege, where appropriate.

IMBEWU is specialised in the development of customised and focused legal registers and legal training courses pertaining to sustainability related topics. IMBEWU also conducts legal compliance audits. IMBEWU provides in-house training courses, aimed at addressing specific topics or issues, as selected by the client. Each course is developed in accordance with the client’s needs and expectations and in consideration of the audience capabilities and expected outcomes. Courses vary in scope, depth and duration in accordance with client’s brief. IMBEWU also provides generic or specific learning programmes which are open to a wide range of attendees, in mining, energy, health, safety and environmental law, which are mainly aimed at providing a practical, cost effective and focused overview of the most relevant regulatory requirements in these areas.

Tel.: +27 11 214 0660
Fax.: +27 11 880 6577
Physical/postal address: 53 Dudley Road, Corner Bolton Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa

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