Honeyguide Foundation


Honeyguide Foundation (HGF) is a non-profit organization that enables local communities to conserve their natural resources. The HGF mission is simple, however, conservation is a challenge in today’s environment as population increases and wildlife and local communities live closer to each other. With communities living adjacent to national parks and reserves, which are not fenced, they are part and parcel of today’s conservation models. In HGF we believe that the biggest challenge to conservation today is a socio-economic one and the question ‘how can local communities afford to conserve the wildlife?’ needs a special approach.  One that incorporates the bigger picture: from the environment to the communities right up to the tourism businesses that depend on them. Working with local communities, realizing their challenges and their conditions, their interests, customs and cultures allows us to develop and build together  conservation models that works. Honeyguide also acts as an agency for the tourism industry to positively contribute to the livelihoods of local communities by providing tourism enterprises with community development investment opportunities.  These investments help manage and sustain the natural resources of the region.

Arusha, Tanzania

Email: info@honeyguide.org
Website: www.honeyguide.org

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