Hemporium is a South African hemp company dedicated to educating people about industrial hemp’s potential through the use of innovative products while creating an awareness of all the hemp has to offer.

Our long term goal is to promote legislative change so that cultivation of industrial hemp in South Africa becomes a reality.

We are certain that given the opportunity to grow this sustainable crop, the hemp industry could help provide solutions to many of the challenges that this country faces by way of sustainable housing, nutrition and job creation.

Although it is necessary to import the hemp we support the local industry by bringing in the raw materials and producing our clothing, accessories, home ware, cosmetics and nutritional products in small factories around Cape Town.

Hemps potential goes way beyond the products we are currently producing and our two retail outlets showcase many of the other uses such as paper, building materials, carpets, fabric and even plastic. Our concept store promotes a small café which makes delicious food utilizing hemp seed oil and hemp seeds.

It is our belief that for positive changes to occur on a planetary scale it is necessary for environmental consciousness to be adopted by the masses. With this in mind we aim to move hemp out of the alternative culture and into the mainstream.

Hemp fibre is stronger and more durable than cotton, hemp produces as much as 4 times of paper pulp per acre than trees, hemp stalk can be used for building purposes and the seed is recognised as the single most nutritious source of non-animal protein on Earth – there is no other single resource that can provide us with so many diverse products at such a small cost to the planet.

Website:  www.hemporium.com
Email: shale@hemporium.com
Tel.: +27  (0)217024988
Physical address: 15 Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa
Postal address: PO Box 100, Constantia, 7848, South Africa
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