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GreenCape was established to promote the development of the green economy in the Western Cape Province. We assist viable green businesses and potential investors in the green economy to remove barriers to their establishment and growth. 

Our aim is to help unlock the investment and employment potential of green business, technologies and manufacturing and put the province on course to become the green economy hub for Sub-Saharan Africa. This business support work, in turn, contributes to improving the resource efficiency, carbon intensity and resilience of the regional economy.

Our programmatic focus areas include energy (renewable energy, energy efficiency and green building), waste and resources. Within each programme, GreenCape’s sector desks are an interface between industry, government and academia. The underlying task of the sector desks is to understand the sector – and how the sector could be leveraged to create broad economic opportunity, but with a special focus on manufacturing opportunity.

GreenCape’s Renewable Energy Sector Desk

GreenCape’s Renewable Energy Sector Desk is a source of knowledge and information and acts as an interface between industry and government on renewable energy matters. As one of GreenCape’s founding sectors, the desk has forged relationships with industry and is a well-known source of guidance within the region. With a focus on the technologies identified in the REIPPP this sector works closely with GreenCape’s Energy Efficiency Sector desk and communicates with entities such as the DOE, DTI, National Treasury, and remains current with the REIPP and legislation relevant to the industry.

By collaborating with manufacturers and various industry players, the Energy Efficiency Sector Desk seeks to unblock challenges faced by industry in order to maximize manufacturing and employment potential in the Western Cape. The desk seeks to actively promote manufacturing businesses and installation businesses in the energy efficiency sector.

GreenCape’s Waste Programme

GreenCape’s Waste Programme focuses on waste as a resource. The programme supports the development of the secondary materials industry in the Western Cape that exemplifies and contributes to a resource efficient and low carbon economy.

A key focus area is to support private sector investment in building value chains that enable economic value to be derived from commercial, industrial and agricultural waste. This includes opportunities in small-scale biogas and construction and demolition waste. Another focus of the programme’s Waste Sector Desk is to support municipalities in their planning and investment decision-making by assisting them to critically assess the environmental and financial performance of alternative waste treatment options.

GreenCape's Built Environment Sector Desk

GreenCape’s Built Environment Sector Desk focuses on alternative building materials, and works with manufacturers to understand which materials exist for green growth. The sector desk has been communicating with local authorities to develop an understanding of procurement processes and tender specifications so that the procurement of green products can be encouraged and supported in the region. The desk also has a specific interest in understanding the implications of the the new building regulations (SANS 10-400) on the low-cost housing market.

GreenCape's Water Sector Desk

GreenCape acknowledges that the Western Cape is a water stressed region and has established the Water Sector desk as an information source for those in the industry. The desk works to identify potential projects around the water-energy nexus, while promoting water efficiency and the use of innovative and green technology within the province.

Email: +27 21 811 0250
Physical address: 18 Roeland Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
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