Great Apes Film Initiative (GAFI)


Moving images (film) have the power to evoke strong responses in human beings, we engage on an emotional, intellectual and conceptual level with the images themselves, the narrative contained in the sequence of images and the context in which images are placed. Film is therefore one of the most powerful communication tools that we currently use, bringing new information, perceptions, and viewpoints to its audience. The ability of film to educate, inform, entertain and question has been used in many contexts globally but its use as a tool to powerfully connect conservation ,messages to an audience has only just begun. The Great Apes Film Initiative (GAFI) founded in 2005 currently works with 78 ngos in Africa and SE Asia to distribute conservation films to three target groups: A) Presidents and government ministers B) National television audiences C) Local communities, schools, wildlife management centres, universities and remote villages. Africa cannot afford to purchase films of this nature so this is a ground breaking initiative bringing conservation messages to a mass audience. (Films have been broadcast  and screened to over 300 million people in  range states on national television and nearly 470,000 community members, school children, wildlife management centres, universities, park wardens, decision makers and influencers have participated in the screening programmes in 14 range state countries).  GAFI has  linked with individuals who are creating alternative technologies – specifically the ability to generate power using a standard bicycle.  This technical collaboration has produced the first pedal powered cinema system designed for the field. The Pedal Powered Cinema systems have been piloted in Uganda, DRC and Sumatra and are now ready to bring conservation to other regions of  Africa and SE Asia. 

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