Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society (EWNHS)


The Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society (EWNHS) was established in September 1966 in Addis Ababa. Since its establishment, most of the Society’s activities have been managed by volunteers. Through lapse of time, however, the growing volume of activities and the level of recognition accorded to the Society at national and international levels demanded the establishment of a permanent Secretariat, and the hiring of professional staff who work in collaboration with volunteers.

Accordingly, it has become institutionalized in 1993 and evolved into conservation institution, focusing on promotion of Environmental Education and production of a quasi-scientific journal (Walia) and other thematic promotional publications, as its initial activities. EWNHS is considered to be one of the pioneer non-state conservation institutions in Ethiopia to be engaged in protection of environment, conservation of biodiversity, and promotion of sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity and other natural resources.

EWNHS is a membership based non-governmental society, which is non-political, secular, not-for-profit and non-partisan grassroots conservation entity. As BirdLife International partner and member in Ethiopia, it is bird conservation focused institution and operates at national level. Given its longevity, EWNHS is a highly resilient institution that survived impacts of a series of government changes, competitions for resources amongst booming civil societies, and donor-driven motives and changes in funding trends.

EWNHS has been re-registered and licensed (Reg. No. 0720) as an Ethiopian Residents Charity in December 2009, in accordance with the Charities and Societies Proclamation No. 621/2009.

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Skype: mengistu-ewnhs
Physical address: Bole Subcity, Wereda 03, House No. 2196, Ethiopia
Postal address: P. O. Box 13303, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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