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Environment Response Architecture (ERA Architects) is a vibrant and experienced architectural practice providing specialist expertise on green architecture and sustainable development. ERA Architects was founded in early 2001 by Ken Stucke, the sole director. For more than fifteen years Ken has focused his architectural work on green architecture and sustainable development. 

ERA uses the issues of building performance to drive the design process, using the natural environment of the site as a resource to be harnessed to create comfort within the building. This design methodology leads to a unique architectural form and aesthetic in every project; as the design process “marries” the specific requirements of each client with the “genius loci” of each site. It also ensures that the building is inextricably related to its context and has strong relationships between indoors and outdoors, while producing beautiful and cool spaces in summer, warm spaces in winter; always well-lit and ventilated. 

ERA carries out an integrated design approach in all its projects. A climatically responsive building design coupled with low-energy or natural heating, cooling and ventilation systems integrated into the building fabric provides the owner with a building that is inherently rooted in its context and is naturally efficient and comfortable. 

ERA has completed “Island Home” projects that are self-servicing; producing their own electricity, water and even sewer treatment on site. These projects are at the forefront of regenerative architecture, improving the natural environment rather than minimising damage. ERA has won several awards for their innovative work. 

Tel.: +27(0)82 451 8069
Fax.: 086 298 5132 (from within South Africa)
Physical address: 3 Garrett Rd, Parktown, Gauteng, South Africa
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