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Earth Probiotic provide a food waste recycling solution for domestic and commercial clients that is planet friendly and easy to use.

Landfilled food waste poisons our environment and is a breeding ground for disease and vermin. Recycling food waste helps reduce your personal carbon footprint by 435kg of CO2e per tonne and encourages a cleaner environment for all.

Our all natural solution enables you to recycle 100% of food waste. The system uses probiotic bacteria and airtight digester bins to stabilise food waste and enable safe and speedy recycling.

Unlike other forms of composting, with bokashi (bran infused micro-organisms) you can recycle ALL food waste including cooked and uncooked meat, dairy and small bones.

Simply layer food waste with Bokashi in Earth Probiotic’s airtight bin. Once full leave to stand for two weeks to complete fermentation. Thereafter, the fermented waste can be composted with garden waste, trenched into soil or fed to a worm farm.


  • Kitchens will be more hygienic with less flies and odours.
  • Up to 32% more dry recyclables can be collected and recycled.
  • Better odour management in the waste area.
  • Continuous chemical free compost supply, if composted on site.
  • Opportunity to build vegetable gardens and supply own kitchens.

Earth Probiotic are a Proudly South African Company, our products are manufactured locally and our bins are made from recycled materials where possible.

You can buy Earth Probiotic products through our online shop or at one of our retail outlets.

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