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Small insights often lead to big changes. This is certainly true when the transition is made to climate neutral business operations. Small insights about reducing and offsetting your carbon emissions lead not only to big changes in your business, but also to unexpected positive results.

Our climate is changing
Over the last few years climate change has moved from an issue of environmental concern to an issue of commercial significance. The negative impacts on economies and societies are being felt all over the world. Winning the battle against climate change requires the support and commitment of not only governments, but also businesses – an increasing number of which are taking action now. These progressive companies are developing products and services that are revolutionising industry and delivering transformative change for our society, economies and planet. These solutions will drive new business growth, while significantly reducing emissions as we move towards a low-carbon sustainable future.

The importance of climate neutrality
Climate change is caused by an increase in greenhouse gas emissions due to human activity. A business, product or activity is climate neutral if it has a net zero carbon footprint. Climate neutrality delivers a strong environmental position that can meet stakeholder demand, increase revenue opportunities and be better equipped to deal with the risks and opportunities in an increasingly complex carbon, energy and water regulatory environment.

What we do
Climate Neutral Group is one of the longest established and most recognised organisations in the carbon market. For over a decade we have worked with hundreds of visionary businesses in their transition to climate neutrality. We raise awareness of our clients’ corporate actions, provide carbon footprints for business, as well as product and event footprints.

Our portfolio of verified carbon offset projects offers organisations the exciting opportunity to make an immediate and significant difference to their carbon emissions profile. Together with meaningful emission reduction targets, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors. Furthermore we have worked with hundreds of clients to develop, design and implement unique and novel climate neutral products and services which in turn can be offered to their customers.

Offsetting by investing
Climate Neutral Group invests in emission reduction projects which combine energy, environment and developmental solutions into sustainable business opportunities in developing countries. We place special emphasis on projects located in Africa.

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Phase 1: Goal  What objectives and results does your organisation want to achieve regarding sustainability?
Phase 2: Insight  Which part of your operations cause the most CO2 emissions?
Phase 3: Action  How can you reduce CO2 internally as well as externally?  
Phase 4: Climate neutrality  How can you implement sustainable business practices?

General overview
Our offset projects meet the highest international standards, which means we can offer carbon credits with a quality guarantee. To further guarantee the quality of our projects and services, we are members of ICROA (International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance). Through our ICROA membership we help set standards for the carbon industry and define industry best practice. 

Standards & eco-labels
In-house carbon management standard: Climate Neutral Guaranteed.
Our offset projects are developed under these carbon standards: Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance (ICROA)
International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
Gold Standard Majority Pledge Supporter
Southern Africa - Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (SANEC)


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Ciska Uijlenbroek, B2B Marketeer

Website: Climate Neutral Group 

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