African Solar Designs Ltd.



African Solar Designs Ltd. (ASD) is a leading Kenya-based renewable and rural energy company that provides a range of technical and advisory services in the energy sector, with a focus on:

1. Engineering and technical support for renewable energy and energy access solutions, both public and commercial. Our expertise includes all facets of project management, from technical and commercial studies of renewable energy options to project feasibility, energy audit, system design, equipment tenders, installation, and after-service support including monitoring and evaluation.

2. Clean energy advisory services including market analysis, policy development, technical training and capacity building, business model development, rural energy access and financing, project management and strategic planning.

Tel: +254 20 5228967
Skype: mark_a_hankins
Physical address: Life Ministry Centre, Nairobi, Kenya
Postal address: 18092 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
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