SCI Foundation Conservation Grants

Title: SCI Foundation Conservation Grants
Organisation: Safari Club International Foundation
Application deadline: 31 December (annually)
Website/full details: SCI Foundation Conservation Grants

Description: SCI Foundation Matching Grants

The SCI Foundation is proud to extend our reach across the globe in order to help fund wildlife conservation and research projects. Through our Matching Grants Program, SCI Foundation can help SCI Chapters support opportunities which further the mission of SCI Foundation through conservation, education and humanitarian services projects.

Large Grant Program

Large grants are awarded to projects with strong potential to contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources or the advance of constructive wildlife research. Conservation projects are also awarded grants not only for their relationship to sustainable use of wildlife, but also in terms of maintaining healthy ecosystems and quality habitat for all wildlife species. 

SCIF realizes that as costs associated with conservation efforts escalate, no one organization can conserve wildlife or expect to go it alone. For this reason, SCIF also looks for opportunities to forge partnerships with new organizations because coalitions are quickly becoming a mode by which significant projects can be implemented. All SCIF conservation large grant applicants should read the following “Wildlife Management”, “Research”, and “Regional Interest” sections before submitting an application (see below). These sections outline the types of projects that are eligible to receive a large grant. The “Conservation Grant Subcommittee” section describes the committee selected to review all grant applications and recommend funding decisions. Recipients of large grants should adhere to the “Recipient Guidelines” unless they have contacted SCIF and made other arrangements prior to receiving their grant.