Rollout of Renewable Energy Solutions for Building by Gauteng Province

Organisation: Department of Infrastructure Development, Gauteng Province
Location: Gauteng, South Africa
Application deadline: 2 August 2013
Further information/website: Rollout of Renewable Energy Solutions for Building by Gauteng Province

Description: The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development invites all project developers to participate in our programme aimed at “greening” the Gauteng Province immovable assets portfolio. Description: Rollout of Renewable Energy Solutions for Building under the custodianship of the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development in the Gauteng Provincial Government. The Gauteng Flagship Initiatives include:

  • Rooftop Solar PV on all Government-owned buildings in the Gauteng Province;
  • Retrofitting of all Government buildings with energy efficient technologies;
  • Introduction of natural gas to fuel hospital boilers and future trigen plants.

Qualifying criteria:

The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (DID) is the custodian of buildings/facilities belonging to the Gauteng Provincial Government. The mandate of the Department of Infrastructure Development is to facilitate service delivery through the development, construction and management of these buildings/facilities to optimise the creation of decent jobs and the promotion of a better life for all. As part of managing this portfolio of buildings/facilities and meeting our climate change obligations, the Department is required to perform restorative maintenance and capital projects to introduce new technologies to reduce the energy consumption of these facilities. Project developers are requested to participate by submitting information about the “green projects” in line with the selected flagship initiatives or any new innovative initiative throughout the entire technology value chain, from development, manufacturing, assembly and installation through to funding, etc.