Mainstreaming of Climate Change Risks into Key National Policies

Organisation: UNDP
Application deadline: 15 April 2014
Location: Mbabane, Swaziland
Website/tender information: Mainstreaming of Climate Change Risks into Key National Policies

Description: The Department of Water Affairs of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, is seeking the services of a TEAM of consultants (two internationals, one local) to support the mainstreaming of climate change risks into key national policies.  Swaziland has recently completed drafting her National Climate Change Strategy (NCCS) and Action Plan   and is currently developing a National Climate Change Policy which will adequately address climate change. Other sectoral policy documents which include National Water Policy, IWR Master Plan, land use planning, agricultural and environmental policies have not adequately mainstreamed climate change risk. This assignment is building upon a series of national policy dialogues to identify climate change responses that are facilitated by the project. This process will involve the designing of guidelines and tools that provide stakeholders with the necessary information for integrating climate change risk into key national policies and strategies.

The assignment aims at strengthening national policies related to the water sector by ensuring that climate change issues are integrated and mainstreamed into the key policy documents. This will provide a leeway for addressing climate change issues by the water sector. More over this intervention will provide stakeholders with the necessary toolkits for responding to climate change impacts and issues.