KfW Bernhard Grzimek Prize

Title: KfW Bernhard Grzimek Prize
Organsiation: KfW
Application deadline: 15 June 2014
Website/full details: KfW Bernhard Grzimek Prize

Description: The nomination process for the KfW Bernhard Grzimek price has begun. We look forward to your suggestions for our award winners 2015. endowed with € 50,000 KfW Bernhard Grzimek Prize, acting national and international personalities and organizations that have distinguished themselves with their outstanding commitment to the preservation of biodiversity. Possibility Proposal for a winner is open to all people. Self-nominations are not possible. Further information on the procedure and the conditions for participation, please refer to our nomination form as well as our information flyer. Their nomination, you can submit to us by 15 June 2014.


Prize winners are chosen for their achievements in one of the five categories listed below.

  • Responsibility and creativity
  • Responsibility and commitment
  • Responsibility and innovation
  • Responsibility and entrepreneurship
  • Responsibility and leadership