Head of Digital Mobilisation

Application deadline: 16 January 2015
Organisation: Greenpeace Africa
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Full details: Head of Digital Mobilisation

Description: Greenpeace Africa is currently seeking for a Head of digital Mobilisation to join the Engagement department; the successful candidate will be based in Johannesburg.

Greenpeace Africa has been developing its digital communications over the last two years, and the base of online supporters has been growing positively. However now GP Africa is moving more towards the goal of mobilising its supporter base, rather than simply informing it of Greenpeace campaigns and activities. As such the head of online mobilisation should work towards developing our online supporter base as a tool for winning campaigns and growing our base of (financial) supporters within this ‘African’ context.

The successful candidate must be able to perform these duties:

Job Specialisation:

  • Administer and oversee the running and maintenance of an online task management system.
  • Ensure on an effective system on prioritizing work output to avoid clashing deadlines. 
  • Will be responsible to ensure that all new members of the digital team are orientated, inducted, and integrated into the team.
  • Focus on increasing the reach of our campaigns by growing the supporter base, and optimising that base for financial supporter conversions.
  • Participate in campaign meetings to provide input from a digital mobilisation viewpoint.
  • Implement regional and global projects on various campaigns of the organisation. 
  • Create a culture of “mobilisation thinking” in the Greenpeace Africa team.
  • Identify opportunities for mobilisation and develop a strategy for how to build those opportunities into campaigns.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Degree in relevant field ( Journalism, Public Relations. Etc). 
  • Honours or Master’s degree in relevant field.
  • A basic level of French would be an advantage.
  • 3 – 5 years’ experience working with online content social media, blogging. 
  • Excellent communication skills for use in a wide range of contexts. 
  • Experience working in a CMS.
  • Basic Photoshop and other design knowledge.
  • Experience with movement-building or offline organizing would be beneficial.

Personal Competencies  

  • Pay attention to detail.
  • Passionate about communicating and engaging with people online.
  • Enjoy a fast passed environment.
  • Basic ability to communicate in  French, is advantages. 
  • Passion about the environment, activism, and digital communities.