ECREE Consultancy: Communication materials on clean cooking

Application deadline: 7 May 2015
Organisation: ECREEE
Website/full details: ECREE Consultancy: Communication materials on clean cooking

Description: ECREEE is in the process of developing communication materials and a sensitization campaign, to raise awareness and adoption of sustainable, efficient and clean cooking energy services (stoves and fuels). ECREEE hereby request for expression of interest from eligible and competent consultants to submit pre-qualification proposals.

The consultant will be expected to carry out the following tasks:

Design marketing and sensitization materials

  • Conceptualize, develop layout, format scripts and design information, education and communication materials and activities (radio, television, print media, billboards, video, leaflet and WACCA project folder).
  • Conceptualize, develop layout, format and design information, education and communication materials on cooking energy services/issues (radio, TV, plea letters, PowerPoint Presentation, program brochure, posters, etc.) targeting potential decision-makers.
  • Test and validate the tools with the task force comprised of clean cooking energy solutions entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.

Design awareness campaign 

  • Analyze the current literature such as market assessment study and current and prospective consumer segments of the clean cooking market. Clearly define the priority audiences that the awareness campaign should target. Analyze their characteristics, needs, factors influencing their purchasing decisions and nature of content needed to influence behavioral change.  
  • Propose appropriate communication methods/dissemination channels for the different target audiences, using the designed consumer awareness materials. Determine channels, time of day, frequency, locations etc. 
  • Analyze existing consumer awareness material package material and propose adjustments of the material to the various local contexts and suggestions on additional/complementary messages to be developed.
  • Identify the current promotion activities of some of the existing wholesalers; retailers and other organizations involved in the clean cooking energy services in the region as well as their capacity to scale up their promotion activities.
  • Provide recommendations on how the awareness campaign could support actors in the supply chain in order to strengthen their promotion activities of quality clean cooking energy services.
  • Develop a database of media and public relations professionals / agencies in the ECOWAS region that can be utilized during project implementation, and facilitate contact with them when necessary.