Create training material for the Online Energy Efficiency Programme

Title: Reissue of Request for Quotation: Online Energy Efficiency Course: Adaptation & Creation of Material
Organisation: eThekwini Municipality
Application deadline: 21 October 2013
Country: South Africa
Full details/website: Request for Quotation: Online Energy Efficiency Course: Adaptation & Creation of Material

1. Introduction
The eThekwini Municipality wishes to procure the services of a suitably qualified organisation to adapt and create training material for the Online Energy Efficiency Programme.

2. Preamble
The Online Energy Efficiency Programme is an innovate model for eThekwini Municipality to achieve its Green Objectives and the municipality’s broader vision of being the Most caring City in Africa by 2020. This is
pursued while directly supporting large to Micro Enterprises with their green goals which will result in increased sustainability through reduced energy consumption. The programme will also contribute to the cultivation of an energy conscious culture in the eThekwini Municipal Area (EMA). The Energy Office has through its Shisa Solar programme, gained valuable insight into the behaviour of consumers in the ‘green sector’. One of the major aspects that have been noted is the fact that once the general populace has knowledge of technologies or energy efficient behaviour and has digested such, the uptake of those technologies or changes in behaviour start to increase. Taking this into account, along with a general shift of creating learning cities, it is proposed that a series of courses be adapted and creates to educate the employees and citizens of eThekwini Municipality, while assisting organisations decrease their energy bills. The ‘Energy Courses’ are a means to achieve eThekwini Municipality multiple objectives, while further building synergistic relationships amongst key stakeholders. Furthermore, the course will be adapted from the New South Wales (Australia) Government’s Energy Efficiency Training Program Course Material; with two courses being developed specifically for this programme. The entire project will be automated through the use of the official eThekwini Municipal website.