Clean Cookstoves Pilot Innovation Fund Round III

Application deadline: October 31 at 6pm EST
Funding: up to US$150,000 to at least 5 qualifying organizations
Organisation: Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
Website/full details: Clean Cookstoves Pilot Innovation Fund Round III 

Description: The Alliance’s Pilot Innovation Fund is a grant facility that aims to provide funding and capacity development assistance to organizations and entrepreneurs to pilot radically game-changing ideas for the clean cooking sector, be it through technological or business model innovation. Technology innovations include (but are not limited to) new developments in cookstoves, fuels, or other improved cooking solutions. Business model innovations include (but are not limited to) payment mechanisms, distribution, and supply chain models.

The Pilot Innovation Fund (PIF) seeks to catalyze game-changing innovations that can overcome existing barriers to scaling adoption of clean cooking solutions. Target projects supported by PIF will: 
1) Seek to develop, pilot and/or market test new, innovative and game-changing technologies and/or business models
2) Contribute to strengthening supply and demand for clean cookstoves and fuels in local and global markets
3) Have a robust plan for commercial viability and scale over the long-term. 

Note: The PIF is specifically focused on providing funding to innovative projects that seek to develop, pilot, or test new clean cooking technologies or business models with a focus on ultimate commercial viability. PIF will not provide funding for general operations, organizational growth, incremental improvements, or further deployment of existing cookstoves or other clean cooking product lines.