AXA Research Fund Awards: Environmental Risks

Title: AXA Research Fund Awards: Environmental Risks
Organsiation: AXA Research Fund 
Application deadline: not specified
Website/full details: AXA Research Fund Awards: Environmental Risks 

Description: To spur and accelerate the pace of academic innovation, the AXA Research Fund has created the Awards, designed to support mid-career researchers with extremely high potential for innovation in their fields. Laureates will be awarded a grant to give them the means to develop and test their hypotheses. Awarded projects can last for 1 to 2 years and funding amounts to 250 K€: it will be channeled through an academic institution, and can only be used to fund research or dissemination activities.

Areas of research eligible for funding
Environmental risks

  • Climate change, from glacier retreat to sea-level rise.
  • Natural hazards, from earth hazards to atmospheric and space-weather phenomena.
  • Human driven environmental changes such as urban pollution, nanotechnologies or pesticide exposure.

Applications should tackle one of the eligible research fields relying on several of the following approaches:

  • Risk identification and definition
  • Risk assessment and measure
  • Risk modelling
  • Risk mitigation
  • Decision-making processes when facing risks
  • Risk prevention