HOT off the Press: South African Printing Company Goes Carbon Neutral

Cape Town based printing company, Hot Ink, has just become one of the first carbon neutral printers in South Africa. Through offsetting all emissions created through the printing process, Hot Ink is leading the way forward in terms of green printing in Africa.
Not only is Hot Ink now an accredited carbon neutral printer, but they have also been providing customers with greener paper choices (such as Reviva, Cocoon Offset, Masunga and Triple Green) and offering discounts as incentives for eco friendly paper selections for several years.

Hot Ink

In order to get accredited as carbon neutral, Hot Ink teamed up with the Climate Neutral Group who helped them to calculate their carbon footprint, and to offset their carbon emissions through the purchase of Gold Standard carbon credits.

The carbon credits selected support the Paradigm Project, which is a clean cookstove initiative in Kenya. Efficient cookstoves significantly reduce fuel wood consumption and much of the toxic smoke that causes lower respiratory disease. They also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gasses that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere during open fire cooking. 

green office

Hot Ink plans to also soon introduce the ability for customers to offset their emissions resulting from the production of the papers used. Individual print jobs can then be declared 100% carbon neutral and carry the accredited logo.

It feels really good to be doing this, even though it is just one of many steps in a journey towards more conscientious trade.  We can’t wait to let our customers walk with us on the way by getting involved in offsetting too,” says Lisa Saville, co-owner of Hot Ink.

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