Green Week in Cameroon Raises Awareness about Forests, Water, Waste & Sustainable Agriculture

Green Cameroon, an NGO with a mission to conserve Cameroon’s rich biodiversity by working on practical solutions to address conservation problems, recently launched a Green Media Campaign to raise awareness among Cameroonians about the importance of caring for their environment to ensure a safe, healthy and happy future for all. Green Week is a central part of the campaign which will take place from 8 – 14 April at the Alliance Franco Camerounaise in Buea. Green Week is expected to attract over 1000 participants and will involve presentations by speakers from all over Cameroon on their perspectives and work in relation to the four event themes: forests, water, waste and agriculture.

Green Cameroon_Green Week 2013

Forest Day: Monday 8th of April

The positive work of the team from Bimbia Community Forest and the concept of fuel efficient cookstoves will be discussed. Philip Wotany from the Bimbia Bonadikombo Community Forest will explain what a community forest is, how to manage forests sustainably and the challenges of community forest management. To complement this discussion, Masango Sone, Executive Director of Green Cameroon, will present a workshop on fuel efficient stoves and how these can address deforestation and energy security.

Bimbia Bonadikombo Community Forest in cameroon

Bimbia Bonadikombo Community Forest. Photo copyright: Marie-Dominique Rémion / Green Cameroon.

Water day: Tuesday 9th of April

 The water theme will be addressed through a presentation from CamWater (CDE), discussing the water management strategy for Buea, the challenges and current plans to improve access to water, as well as the role of water users in Buea in protecting water resources. Selected representatives of local community water initiatives will present and discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with setting up autonomous water management system as an alternative to state and privately managed water resources. The ngo Live Build, helps to connect remote communities with proper access to water, will present the spectrum of players in the world of water management, complemented by the screening of the documentary ‘Flow: for love of water’, which provides examples of people and institutions that are working toward practical solutions to the water crisis. 

Catchment area of Bonduma in Buea.

Washing clothes in the catchment area of Bonduma in Buea. Photo copyright: Marie-Dominique Rémion / Green Cameroon.

Waste Day: Wednesday 10th of April

Wednesday is Waste Day, and will be a fun and informative day, with clean up, sorting and composting activities. Dr. Eugene Tata, Head of the School of Agriculture, who is working in close partnership with the University of Buea, will present on the concept of ‘zero waste’, discussing paper recycling and waste to energy (biogas) solutions. The University of Buea has an operational biogas generator which uses sewerage as a waste resource that is converted into a fuel gas. 

Land day: Thursday 9th of April

Francois Medjo from the NGO, Astradhe, will present the implementation of a system of Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) in two communities around Dja forest: Nkolenyeng and Nomedjoh. This will be followed by discussions about a controversial land claim for a proposed palm oil biofuel operation in the Mundemba areaThis day will close with the interesting documentary ‘Planet for Sale’.

Sustainable agriculture day: Friday 10th of April

The Ministry of Agriculture and local NGO ‘Trees for the Future’ will present on organic farming and agro-forestry, the advantages for the environment and health and how to implement organic practices using bio-control and bio-fertilisers. The day will finish with the movie ‘Local Solutions to a Global Disorder’.

AGRO-MART Muea, Cameroon.

AGRO-MART Muea, Cameroon. Photo copyright: Marie-Dominique Rémion / Green Cameroon.

Family day: Saturday 11th of April

Saturday will be filled with outdoor activities including nature walks, a bio-market, workshops, debates, dramatic performances and songs from the schools in which Green Cameroon has active and dedicated environmental clubs, as well as an inter-school quiz and a concert.

eco schools cameroon

Environmental club at GHS Muea. Photo copyright: Marie-Dominique Rémion


Green Cameroon hopes to reach the many Cameroonians keen to ‘Be Part of the Change’ and lead its beautiful nation towards a sustainable and prosperous future.  

Be part of the change_green cameroon

Photo copyright: Marie-Dominique Rémion.

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