World Economic Forum on Africa 2012

Event date: 9 May 2012 - 11 May 2012

City: Addis Ababa
Country: Ethiopia

Organiser/s: World Economic Forum
Website: World Economic Forum on Africa 2012

Description:  The 22nd World Economic Forum on Africa, held for the first time in Ethiopia, is a unique opportunity to explore one of the world’s oldest cultural heritages and one of the fastest-growing African economies.

Addis Ababa, as the diplomatic capital of Africa and home of the African Union, also sets the stage for a truly pan-African agenda with deep government and institutional representation alongside that of top business and civil society participation.

Discussions will explore the key drivers that will see sub-Saharan Africa produce seven of the 10 fastest-growing economies in the world over the next five years. The theme Connecting Africa will focus on how multistakeholder dialogue and new partnerships can transcend traditional boundaries and connect many diverse regions and constituents with global counterparts to further the political, economic and social environments in Africa.

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