The African Summit

Event date: 17 August 2015 - 21 August 2015

AFRICAN SUMMIT 2015City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Register: The African Summit

Description: With the advent and acceptance of the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals as the Post 2015 Development Agenda for the next 15 years by the United nations, it is extremely necessary to critically access what led to Africa’s Successes and Failures with the Millennium Development Goals; and what really need to be done differently to ensure the failures are not repeated and the successes improved upon.

The civil society-led African Summit developed as a platform for innovative local solutions exchange, capacity building forum, and a vibrant network of African Partners in Sustainable Development will unite a remarkable array of local and global leaders, expert speakers, social innovators and hundreds of local agents of change from across Africa and the world over at the forthcoming African Summit 2015 to discuss local solutions and innovate whole new social and economic systems for Africa to reach the targets of the new Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

The African Summit 2015 would therefore be looking at Africas current position to deal with the incoming Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and Development Agenda.

It will access the current challenges facing the continent in relation to the Post 2015 SDGs and find long lasting solutions to them.

Moreover, the summit will seek to establish a complimentary body which will specifically work to support the existing UN organs and other Development Agencies / Partners on the continent to achieve the set targets of the SDGs.

The summit will also accord most especially Civil Society Organizations / Non-Governmental Organizations who do not have status with ECOSOC and as such deprived of making meaningful contributions to the shaping of development agenda the opportunities to make their voices heard and also have their inputs adopted and considered.

Furthermore, an endowment fund specifically aimed at helping to achieve the SDGs at grassroots level throughout Africa would be set up.