South Africa Green Fair & Expo 2015

Event date: 20 March 2015 - 21 March 2015

Venue: Heartfelt Arena
City: Pretoria
Country: South Africa
Register: South Africa Green Fair & Expo 2015

Description: South Africa Green Fair & Expo 2015 aims to be SA’s Largest Green, Eco & Sustainable Living Expo. SAGFEX offers you a unique opportunity to see the newest, greenest and most exciting products, some that are already on the market and others that are yet to be released. Come and see, try, taste, test, play, and ask questions – not to mention seminars and live demos to answer any question you may have! The price of many products and services have been rocketing! Why not go green and save money.

• Residential Building & Renovation
• Heating, Energy & Efficiency
• Water, Conservation & Recycling
• Consumer Goods
• Transportation & Travel
• Business, Technology & Electronics
• Fashion, Beauty, Health & Pets
• Green Living
• Organic Gardening
• Organic & Natural Products
• Organic, Natural, Sustainable Food and Beverages

A must-attend event for:
• The general public! , RSA Consumer
• Anyone interested in saving money, and going green at the same time!
• People interested in their health and well-being
• Consumers interested in learning more about green products
• Environmentally conscious consumers
• Anyone interested in finding out more about the new green trend
• Retailers
• Wholesalers
• Producers
• On-line distributors
• Importers and exporters
• Media