Save Our Seabirds Festival 2013

Event date: 7 October 2013 - 13 October 2013

Venue: Iziko Museums of South Africa
City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Organiser: Birdlife South Africa
Website/full details: Save Our Seabirds Festival 2013

Save Our Seabirds Festival 2013

Description: Our oceans are blessed with an incredible diversity of life, vibrant penguin colonies, gigantic albatrosses travelling the Southern Ocean, playful seals, and rebounding whale and dolphin populations. It’s difficult to imagine a world without this charismatic marine life.  Seabirds are the most threatened group of birds in the world. BirdLife South Africa is at the forefront of seabird conservation globally. Our acclaimed Albatross Task Force has made huge strides towards ensuring albatrosses are around for our children to marvel at. The Seabird Division also runs projects to help the embattled African Penguin with resources provided by a Species Champion under the Preventing Extinctions programme. But we need to step up our efforts to protect seabirds and all marine life. We need your help!

The SOS Festival has been running since 2009 and has become one of BirdLife South Africa’s major annual events. The Festival is an increasingly important platform for other organisations to showcase marine conservation and communicate key marine conservation messages to the public. Key partners and sponsors are the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), Iziko Museums of South Africa and the Hans HoHeisen Charitable Trust. A new partner, GreenMatter, has joined the festival this year to support the skills development and careers component and interactive material using our African penguin tracking work as the focus.

Various events associated with the SOS Festival will be taking place in Cape Town, Durban, Stanford and Nationally – please see the list of events here which includes a Marine Conservation Lecture Series, Photographic exhibition, bird fair and WWF-SASSI marine pledge board.

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