Planning Africa 2018

Event date: 14 October 2018 - 17 October 2018

City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Website/register: Planning Africa 2018

Planning Africa 2018
Description: The South African Planning Institute’s (SAPI) 8th Planning Africa Conference on “The Making of Modern African Cities” will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on 14-18 October 2018.

The theme ‘The Making the Modern African Cities’ is intended to drive debate towards meaningful solutions. The question to be answered is what exactly does ‘modern’ mean? Is it a replication of other cities globally, or are there unique attributes to this term in the African context? What should ‘modern’ look like when facing pressures such as resilience, right to the city, accommodation of informality, to name a few?

Sub-themes are: Social Justice and the Right to the City, Inclusive and Transformative Growth, Sustainable and Resilient Cities, Sustainable Neighbourhoods and Place- making, Shelter and Meeting Basic Needs, Public Transport and Transit Oriented Development and Sustainable Urban Management