International Conference on Innovation for Sustainability under Climate Change and Green Growth

Event date: 26 May 2015 - 28 May 2015

Venue: Birchwood Hotel
City:  Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Register: International Conference on Innovation for Sustainability under Climate Change and Green Growth

Description: The conference is being jointly organised by the Exxaro Chairs in Business and Climate Change (University of South Africa), Energy Efficiency (University of Pretoria), Business and Biodiversity (University of Pretoria) and Global Change and Sustainability Research (University of Witwatersrand), the South African Government’s Department of Environmental Affairs and SEED (an organisation founded by UNEP, UNDP and IUCN). The Conference themes/tracks include: 

Track 1: Business and Biodiversity

  • Theoretical perspectives on the business case for leadership and/or stewardship in biodiversity conservation
  • Terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity offsetting
  • Ecosystem valuation
  • Conservation of endangered species
  • Land grabs and biodiversity loss
  • Biotechnology and climate change
  • International and national biodiversity policy regimes
  • Restoration of terrestrial and aquatic resources
  • Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation plus (REDD+)
  • Any other relevant topics

Track 2: Energy and Energy Management

  • Theoretical perspectives
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Greening the national grids
  • Hybrid and electricity vehicles
  • Electricity storage
  • Shale gas
  • Any other relevant topics

Track 3: Water Connections, Global Change and Sustainability

  • Theoretical perspectives of the driver-connector-outcome-feedback framework in Water adaptation under climate change and green growth
  • Water production, use, (or waste), pollution, remediation and rectification: potential feedback loops and likelihood of sudden regime shifts.
  • Energy, economics, and governance as drivers of behavioural change in water production, use, pollution, remediation and rectification under climate change and green growth
  • Changes in behaviour, geopolitical relations or social impact
  • Water and Eco health perspectives
  • Business and sustainable urban living (innovation in water and waste management)
  • Any other relevant topics

Track 4: Climate Change and Green Economy/Growth transition

  • Theoretical perspectives (climate change adaptation, mitigation and green economy/growth transition discourses)
  • Banks, Insurance and green financing
  • Green economy/growth legislative and policy reforms
  • Mining under green economy/growth
  • Tourism under climate change
  • ICT and gender in climate change and green economy
  • Agricultural innovation under climate change (including organic farming)
  • Greening manufacturing innovations, supply chains and procurement
  • Economics of green economy/growth transition (including carbon taxation)
  • Trade and green economy/growth (Intellectual Property Rights, Carbon trading and markets – including the civil aviation and maritime)
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Local government and green economy/growth readiness
  • Trends in climate change related disasters
  • Green jobs creation and accounting
  • Business in international and national climate negotiation regimes
  • Higher education and the green economy
  • Any other relevant topics

Track 5: Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

  • Entrepreneurship: a solution to climate change and green growth
  • Innovative social and environmental enterprises at the grassroots
  • Entrepreneurs, small, micro and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs), and research and innovation
  • Greening SME Finance and Policy
  • Marketplace with innovative grassroots start-ups that offer sustainable and scalable solutions to development challenges (including Winners of the SEED Awards)