International Conference of Urban Transport (CODATU) 2015

Event date: 2 February 2015 - 5 February 2015

CODATU 2015Venue: Istanbul Technical University
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Register: Sixteenth International Conference of Urban Transport (CODATU XVI) 2015

Description: Transport is an integral component of sustaining livelihoods: without efficient urban transport mankind would not survive and develop and nor would economies. Yet, despite the immense benefits that transport enables, such as access to jobs, markets, education, and consumer goods and services via global supply chains, the transport sector generates substantial disbenefits. These include dependence on non-renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions, local pollutions, road accidents and inequalities of access.

Such disbenefits clearly demonstrate that the transport sector is currently unsustainable economically, environmentally and socially. The way we transport people and goods must be radically changed. Many cities in the world have already started implementing effective policies and countermeasures that seek to avoid and reduce the usage of energy intensive motorised modes. These also bring improvements in accessibility, and hence increased options and opportunities of mobility. The challenge is for us all !

Applicable practices and suitable transferrable lessons are addressed in this conference under the following three Sub Themes:

  • Problems and Externalities of Transport
  • Policies and Countermeasures for motorised and non-motorised transport
  • Policies and Countermeasures for urban freight movement