Global Connectors +SocialGood

Event date: 26 June 2014 - 26 June 2014

Dates: 26 June 2014 (9:00-10:30am EST)
Location: Online
Organisers: +Social Good

Global Connectors Social Good

Description: Innovation is happening in very different ways and places today than in years past. Technology has helped topple barriers and bring people together to create change. How can we most effectively use our communities to help turn our ears to that innovation appropriately? Where and how do these conversations currently happen? And what type of nexus do we need to create to enable this kind of engagement? Join +SocialGood Connectors and Advisors and the +SocialGood community for a discussion on innovation and the global connections that make it possible.

Watch the event here.


The +SocialGood Connectors and Advisors are leaders in their regions or fields who are facilitating convenings and conversations that bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, institutions and ideas to tackle global issues and create opportunities. Using Livestream and Twitter, you have the opportunity to engage these community leaders in a conversation around the global impact of technology, social good, and innovation. We hope you will join us for this dynamic conversation!

Hashtags – #SocialGood

Join us for Global Connectors +SocialGood by watching it live here.