Ecological Society for Eastern Africa (ESEA) 6th Scientific Conference 2013

Event date: 4 September 2013 - 6 September 2013

Theme: Natural Capital, Resilience and Sustainable Development in Eastern Africa
Venue: UNEP, Gigiri
City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya
Website: Ecological Society for Eastern Africa (ESEA) 6th Scientific Conference 2013

Description: The Ecological Society for Eastern Africa (ESEA), in partnership with the East African Institute of the Aga Khan University, will host its 6th Regional Scientific Conference from the 4th -6th September 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya. The theme for the Conference is: “Natural Capital, Resilience and Sustainable Development in Eastern Africa”.

This conference will provide a forum to examine sustainable development in Eastern Africa by exploring resilience in the natural capital in the context of climate change, rapid population growth, regional economic integration, globalization and the growing ecological scarcity. It will focus on providing the scientific evidence-base for policy and institutional reform necessary for achieving low carbon footprint, resource efficiency and socially inclusive growth. More importantly, the conference aims to provide a platform for mainstreaming African intellectual and scholarly output in the global discourse on the green economy and sustainable development goals.

Conference objectives
The main objectives for this conference will be to:
a.    Explore options of ecological resilience in natural and managed systems: including croplands and urban areas;
b.    Show opportunities for integration of environment into development agenda based on rigorous valuation and accounting for biodiversity and vital ecosystem services;
c.    Provide possible solution approaches to achieve low carbon economy, resource efficiency, resilient and inclusive growth especially in the face of climate change, globalization and rapid population growth; 
d.    Advance coherent science evidence-base to inform/influence policy and decision-making. 

The sub-themes of the conference will be: 
1.    Ecological resilience in natural and managed ecosystems of Eastern Africa;
2.    The valuation and economics of ecosystems and biodiversity in Eastern Africa in the context of rapid economic growth;
3.    Resource scarcity and demography;
4.    Climate change resilience and future scenarios;
5.    Capacity building, Policy and Institutional issues.

Role of the conference on information dissemination
The conference will bring together ecologists, policy makers, industry and civil society from eastern Africa and internationally to share knowledge, engage with other professionals and networks on critical issues on ecological resilience to climate change and a green development agenda for the region. There will be key speakers from government, international and multilateral organizations, the industry, and the academia.