Eco-Logic Awards

Event date: 26 September 2013 - 26 September 2013

Venue: Maropeng (Cradle of Humankind)
City: Maropeng, Gauteng
Country: South Africa
Website/further information: Eco-Logic Awards 2013

Description: The Eco-Logic Awards have been created to enable both individual and company consumers to participate in looking after our Planet – through the conscious use of their consumer spending power. Every product or service purchased by a consumer has an environmental impact! We therefore encourage every consumer to look for and purchase products and services that have been produced with most care for and least damage to the Earth and its eco-systems.

These Awards, initiated by the Enviropaedia and judged by a panel of highly respected, environmentally aware individuals, will investigate a range of products, services and organisations with a view to recognising and rewarding those that have been produced in an eco-logical manner.

The Eco-Logic Awards will also recognise and reward those individuals, communities and Municipalities who are making a significant contribution toward creating an eco-logically sustainable society and environment.

Tickets to the Awards ceremony are available from the 10th September by contacting Sabine at

Entries to the Eco-Logic Awards are open until 30 July 2013information and entries can be accessed on the Enviropaedia website. Award categories include: The Water Conservation Award; Municipality Award; Recycling Award; Community Award; Energy Saving Award; Climate Change Award; Eco-Warrior Award; Biodiversity Award; Youth Award; Eco-Angel Award; Eco-Innovation Award; Lifetime achievement Award; and Transport Award.