Dakar Vert Environmental Film Festival

Event date: 5 June 2015 - 6 June 2015

Venue: Institut Francais 
City: Dakar
Country: Senegal
Register: Dakar Vert Environmental Film Festival

Dakar Vert Environmental Firlm Festival

Description: Dakar Vert EFF is the first Environmental Film Festival in Dakar, Senegal, celebrating the World Environment Day June 5th and hosted by the Institut Francais Senegal.

Dakar Vert is showing films with an environmental topic, this can be from fiction to documentaries, or short films, to documentaries of a polluted site or movies showing environmental changes on social behaviour.

Film screenings will be followed by discussions with film makers and environmental experts. Dakar Vert will hold film and photography workshops, thus enabling the youth to create their own documentaries on environmental topics in Senegal. The film screenings will be accompanied by volunteer actions for the environment and environmental demonstrations.
Program details can be found on www.dakarvert.com.

Dakar Vert is a cultural organization that employs the arts as a civic engagement tool to advocate for greater environmental awareness and the use of alternative energy solutions serving local communities in Senegal and West Africa at large.

Dakar Vert seeks to inspire young people to take pride in their communities, to engage in spirited dialogue, and to take actions that will help lead to the protection and sustainment of their local environment through the implementation of education programs and the presentation of Environmental Documentary films and photography.